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Education Everywhere

Support these nonprofits striving to improve education for children around the world with evidence-based solutions.

Donation split evenly between 5 charities:

Your donation is made to, a tax-exempt US 501(c)(3) charity that grants funds to these 5 charities on your behalf, without taking any cut of the donation.

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Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL Africa)Africa
The TaRL Africa team works to address the learning crisis in primary schools in Africa. We support governments across Africa to adapt and scale up an evidence-based approach to improving students’ foundational skills.
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Cristo Rey NetworkChicago, IL
Strengthening the competence, confidence, and aspiration of students from economically-disadvantaged families, empowering them to build fulfilling lives that advance the common good.
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Teach For AllNew York, NY
Developing collective leadership to ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential..
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Iodine Global NetworkOttawa, On, Canada
Our vision is a world where all people attain optimal iodine nutrition and children can reach their full cognitive potential. According to the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is the world’s most prevalent, yet easily preventable, cause of brain damage in children. Nearly 50 million people have stunted cognitive and motor development as a result. Severe stunting can be as bad as a loss of 15 IQ points, meaning children who don't get enough iodine struggle at school and in later life. The solution is simple and has already been implemented in many countries: national level fortification of salt with iodine. IGN works with governments to implement such programs. Despite not being directly related to schools, removing this barrier to healthy development is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to include children's educational outcomes.
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Code CrewMemphis, TN
CodeCrew empowers and mentors youth and adults from underrepresented communities to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science training. Our tech education programs do not just teach students how to write code or produce software applications. Our programs enable creative, analytical thinking encourages students to be focused both on big picture outcomes and detail-level execution, and allows them to develop their leadership skills and to take ownership of their decisions. Computer science training teaches students to take pride in what they do, to accept feedback and peer criticism, and be excited about sharing their work with the world. High levels of computer science education transform students into highly paid employees and entrepreneurs, as well as highly effective citizens.

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