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Effective Healthcare Everywhere

Your donation will support the work of five groups that deliver life-changing solutions to places where healthcare is highly needed and access is limited.

Donation split evenly between 5 charities:

Your donation is made to, a tax-exempt US 501(c)(3) charity that grants funds to these 5 charities on your behalf, without taking any cut of the donation.

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SightsaversBoston, MA
Sightsavers works in more than 30 countries worldwide, focusing on Africa and Asia. We distribute treatments to prevent disease, carry out eye operations, advocate for disability rights and improve health services to create sustainable development projects. We’re proud to be a leader in our field. Our programmes consistently achieve high-performance ratings from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and we are one of US evaluator GiveWell‘s top charities.
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Malaria ConsortiumRaleigh, NC
We're dedicated to the comprehensive control of malaria and other childhood infectious and neglected tropical diseases. Our work is focused on the control, management and, where appropriate, the eventual elimination of a range of diseases. We balance this focus with other factors that affect child and maternal health, particularly malnutrition. We are dedicated to ensuring our work is supported by strong evidence and remains grounded in the lessons we learn through implementation. We explore beyond current practice, to try out innovative ways – through research, implementation and policy development – to achieve effective and sustainable disease management and control.
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The Against Malaria FoundationKansas City, MO
We protect people from malaria. We fund nets and ensure they are distributed and used. 100% of public donations buy long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). A LLIN costs US$2.00. To date, we have distributed over 170 million nets to protect over 300 million people. We are one of GiveWell's top-rated charities for the past 9 years running.
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Hellen Keller InternationalNew York, NY
A world where no one is deprived of the opportunity to live a healthy life – and reach their true potential. We have been working on the front lines of health and well-being for more than 100 years. We deliver life-changing health care to vulnerable families in places where the need is great, but access is limited. Our proven, science-based programs empower people to create opportunities in their own lives.
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Strong MindsMaplewood, NJ
Strongminds provides life-changing mental health services to low-income Africans using an innovative community-based approach. In Africa, approximately 66 million women suffer from depression, it is the number one cause of disability. Due to the lack of investment in mental health services in Africa - women have no access to effective treatment. StrongMinds’ innovative approach adapts Group Interpersonal Therapy, a rigorously-tested therapeutic model that can be delivered by trained community members. To date, we have treated 80,000 women with depression, and 86% remain depression-free, six months after therapy ends. StrongMinds is the only organization scaling a proven, cost-effective solution to the depression epidemic in Africa.

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